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Our 12 inch X 12 inch photobook is Photo Tour’s proudest achievement. We use the latest cutting edge digital technology to make your New York experience into an heirloom to be treasured for generations to come.

The printers we use produce the widest color space currently available. While most photobooks use a four color printing process, Photo Tours uses nine colors which results in unrivaled velvety blacks and beautiful skin tones. Furthermore, the dot matrix of our prints is far finer than prints made in a conventional chemical darkroom.

We print on 100% cotton fiber, fine art paper which provides a deep, matte, saturated look to your photos. Our photobooks use lay-flat page technology which exhibits a smooth and seamless quality across pages that far exceed current mass market photobook standards.

While our photobooks are costlier than others, their premium construction insures that your investment will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.
Investment: $ 1200